Holiday Traditions of Regina Students


Photo by Pixabay

Most families have holiday traditions of their own, whether that be celebrating with gifts on Christmas day, or lighting Kwanzaa candles with family members. These traditions may have been carried out for a long period of time and are often passed down from previous generations. These traditions usually represent the symbol of coming together with peace and joy during the holiday season. 

Nelson H. H. Graburn, an anthropology professor at University of California- Berkeley, stated in an essay about traditions, “Tradition was the name given to those cultural features which, in situations of change, were to be continued to be handed on, thought about, preserved and not lost”. 

Students in the Regina Dominican community celebrate a variety of traditions around the holidays.

When asked about her favorite holiday celebration, Regina junior, Thao Dang, stated, “On Christmas Day, usually my family comes over to my house. My dad cooks the food and we eat a variety of foods like chicken and mac and cheese. Later on, we gather around the Christmas tree, presents get passed out, and we open them together.”

Traditions can be an act of kindness, similar to how Regina student, Mimi Waddell, celebrates around the holidays. Mimi Waddell, stated, “My family and I make Christmas cookies for friends and neighbors for the holiday season! We use different shapes and decorate each one differently with frosting and sprinkles”. 

Holiday traditions might include shopping as well. Emily McDermott, another Regina student, stated, “I enjoy going downtown to holiday shop with my family”. 

Regina student, Margaret Clancy, stated, “On Christmas Eve, my whole family goes to my grandma’s house and we have dinner together. On Christmas Day, we go to my aunt’s house during the day to celebrate.”

Although each of our traditions might be different, traditions remind ourselves about the importance of celebrating something special with our family or friends.