Helena’s Dash to State

Hannah Wavrek, Sports Editor

On ___DATE!__ , Helena went to __LOCATION!_ with her parents, coaches and team for state.  Helena Walo ’18 represented Regina Dominican High School in the 2015 cross country state competition.

This was her first season of running cross country! Last year she participated on Regina’s track and field team as a freshman, where she began her running.

At the state competition, all runners compete in the same event, running three miles.

Helena prepared for this race through her hard work running and practicing all season.  She also had to watch what she ate and be aware of hydrating herself.

Having the rest of the team come to support and cheer her on made the experience all the more fun. Helena is glad they could be there and they made it especially fun for her.

Walos personal goal for the race was not to come in last place.  She achieved this by coming in 174 of 210 girls.

While at the state competition, Helena had a great time, although it was very stressful.  In addition to all of the parents, coaches and spectators cheering for their runners, the girl in the box next to her was recruited to run cross country in college just 10 minutes before the race began!

When asked about what her favorite part of cross country, Walo says “My favorite part about running is that it’s a mind over body experience. It’s all about how far you can push yourself.”

The overall experience of the state competition was fun for Helena and she can’t wait to keep running!


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