Google Classroom App Has Potential But Currently Frustrates

Google Classroom App Has Potential But Currently Frustrates

Photo Credit/Google

Katie Couture, Staff Reporter

Since I am a student at a Google Classroom designated high school, I was required to download the Google Classroom app for school purposes.

Unfortunately, the glitches of the app are numerous and consistent. Every single time there is a Google update, which is supposed to make the app “better,” it just seems to mess up my classes. After an update, my classes have been deleted. Because I need to be able to access those classes to turn in my work on time and receive credit, this has an affect on my grades.

The “To Do” section seems like it would be really helpful because it tells you what you have left to do and when you need to have done it. But, it glitches so much that it’s an inconvenience. I tried to access it the other day to find out what homework I had to finish, and instead of showing me what was due the next day, it just showed all the homework I had ever been assigned for every class I was currently enrolled in. It also marked assignments as missing, even though I had turned them in months ago.

What add to the frustration of this app is that it seems as if the giant corporation of Google puts little effort into this free app for schools. With more attention to detail and the needs of students and teachers, the app would certainly make classes more convenient and accessible. Instead, it’s doing the opposite.

Another negative of the app, is that it is super slow to open or to download assignments. Every time I try to open it, it takes an exorbitant amount of time to load, even when everything else that I might need that is Wi-Fi related  works fine. Even if I go to a place that I know has faster Wi-Fi as an attempt to fix this problem somehow, the app still takes a crazy amount of time to load.

Essentially, this app has much potential, but until developers work on resolutions to these issues and schools constantly make students use it, the frustrations and the ridiculousness of the app will continue.