Ellie Spina Races Through Senior Year

Ellie Spina running in a Cross Country meet

Courtesy of: Yearbook

Ellie Spina running in a Cross Country meet

Regina Trejo, Staff Reporter

“You improve more than you ever thought you could.””

— Ellie Spina

The Regina Dominican varsity cross country team’s 2015 season has been one dedicated to growth. Even with only two seniors, Caroline Galliani and Ellie Spina, the team has had a strong season.

Ellie Spina holds the rank of the fourth fastest runner on this year’s Regina’s varsity cross country team. She is recognized as a supportive teammate who only has great advice to tell her fellow runners.

Spina runs cross country because she feels that it fosters wyas to live healthy, such as getting exercise, focusing on eating nutritious foods, and simply drinking more water.

She loves running, whether it is on a course at a meet or around the streets of Regina Dominican during practice. Spina’s favorite part about long-distance running is the last half mile of her runs.

She said, “You pick up the pace in the last mile, but you start giving your final kick in the last half mile.”

She noted that the ultimate goal at the end of a race is crossing the finish line. She doesn’t focus on the pain or how tired she is, but on finishing the race as fast as she can.

The highlight of Spina’s season was the Nike Northside/Southside Challenge that took place on Northerly Island on Oct. 7. Regina Dominican’s team, along with the other participating teams, were all given an entire running uniform from Nike for the race. Spina said that the experience of running alongside Lake Michigan and under the city lights was very different, but extremely fun for herself and her team.

Spina believes that cross country is a very team-oriented sport. Her teammates work to help each other get stronger.

She says, “You get to race against other people, but you are also racing against yourself.”

She wants every one of her younger teammates to remain with the cross country team next year.  Some races can seem daunting, but, “The team,” she states, “will always be there to back you up.”

Her final thoughts about the season embody her overall positive attitude towards the sport. She says, “You improve more than you ever thought you could.”