Dorm Trends of 2016

Hannah Wavrek, Sports Editor

College gives students a place to express themselves individually in many different ways, whether it is through music or  clothing.  One of the best ways of showing personality in college is through dorm room decorations. Different decorations reflect the different personalities in college, also, room-mates can have fun when planning out their decorations and preparing for the school year.

Listed below are some of the most popular from this year:

Fairy Lights: These are small lights on a string typically hung around the walls. They add ambiance and a nice change from the fluorescent dorm lighting.

Posters: Perhaps the most broad category, posters can be about anything from motivational quotes, to bands, to sports teams.

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Tapestries: Big, fabric, wall hangings are all the rage in dorms right now.  They add a home-y feel to the room and come in unique patterns.

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Photos: Printing out pictures is a fun way to bring some of home off to college.  Arranging them in a unique way on the wall or attaching them to a string are the most popular ways to display them.

Mirror: Adding a decorative mirror not only looks nice but gives small dorm rooms a bigger feel.

These are just five quick and current ideas to add character to a dorm room.

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