Culture Day

Maeve Newton, Contributing Staff Writer

Ms. Gianos’ Sociology class brought the month of January to a festive close with their celebration of diversity on their very own culture day. During their studies of cultures, society, and their heritage, the class came together to celebrate each other’s family backgrounds.

A wide array of cultures were represented by an assortment of food, desserts, and even some music. Ms. G. provided some decadent Greek cookies, Abbey Farmer and her mother brought enough pasta to feed half the school, and Afsheen Khan contributed brightly colored Indian desserts that looked and tasted amazing.

Among these three contributors were also many stunningly tasty treats. While Irish folk music roared in the background, egg rolls, pecan pie, Irish soda bread, cannolis, Swiss chocolate, and some good old fashioned brownies created a fun, yet educational experience for the girls. Who wouldn’t want to spend their morning feasting on scrumptious food?

Junior Kate Stevie said, “Our sociology culture day was one of the most fun days I’ve had in school… I loved learning a little bit about everyone’s culture and obviously eating the delicious baked items as well.”

The incorporation of culture day into Ms. G’s sociology class certainly brought the second semester off to a great start for these girls!