Classic Movies To Watch On A Snow Day


Photo Credit/Flickr

Alex Sweilem, Staff Reporter

It’s a chilly night in December and your school is closed  because of the recent snow fall with close to 13 inches of snow scattered across your city. What a perfect time to do absolutely nothing! But what can you do? There’s only SO much homework you’re not going to do and SO many snacks you can eat. Movies are always a good option, especially when you’re bundled up in a bunch of blankets on your bed.
One of the most classic and underrated movies to watch on these nights is Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. This movie is about Lewis, an orphan abandoned by his mother at a young age. During his twelve years at the orphanage, Lewis dreamed of being an inventor; yet each couple who was interested in adopting Lewis find his inventions terrifying.
Lewis decides to enter a science fair with his newest invention, a time machine. It ends up being stolen by someone from the future, and Lewis is whisked away to the future to retrieve it with the help of a boy named Wilbur. It is an excellent animated movie and definitely a Disney classic.
On the topic of animated movies, another great Disney movie to binge on  is Coco. This is a relatively new Pixar movie that centers around a boy named Miguel. Miguel’s family has a long, horrible history with music and music playing has been forbidden  in his family.
However, Miguel’s passion is to play the guitar. He wants to play at a talent show in his town square, but his grandma destroys his guitar before he is able to. Determined to play, he decides to steal the guitar of a famous deceased musician Ernesto de la Cruz. When he steals it, it just so happens to be the Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead.
Miguel is transported to the Land of the Dead where he meets his ancestors. He learns who they are and why they hate music so much. The feel good movie also lends a message about the importance of family. This movie has an amazing plot, excellent animation, and leaves you feeling very satisfied. Great job again, Pixar!
There is one last animated movie that will wrap up the chilly snow day.  Ratatouille has a great storyline and offers an amazing lesson. This movie follows Remy, a rat who loves to cook. He is separated from his family on a stormy night and finds himself in front of the restaurant of his favorite chef, Gusteau.
Remy meets a garbage boy named Linguini and together they are able to make amazing dishes in Gusteau’s kitchen. Remy’s family greatly disapproves of this, but Remy is eventually able to show them the love and happiness cooking provides him. It is a classic movie which teaches the importance of acceptance and family.
While these are only some of the best animated movies, there are a ton more of these amazing classics to watch! Meet the Robinsons, Coco, and Ratatouille should now be at the top of your list for the next snow day, though. They won’t disappoint.