Bear Down, Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were once famous for their amazing defense. They were top competitors against the best teams in the league and the world. They now have the the worst road record in all of football and are having the fourth worst season in the league.

They are currently 3-10. The Bears have not had a worse record  since 1973. With the Chicago Cubs as this year’s World Series Champions and the Chicago Blackhawks 3 recent Stanley Cup victories; it is the Chicago Bear’s turn for greatness. Unfortunate circumstances, however, have prevented this from happening.

The Bears currently have 16 members of their team who are on injured reserve. Two of their four captains are included on the list of injured, one of whom is starting quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Offensive lineman and key player, Kyle Long, is out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury. Part of the Bears’ terrible offense could possibly be attributed to this injury; however, there are many other issues with this team.

Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery just returned from a 3 week suspension for the use of illegal substances, a violation of the rules of the National Football League (NFL).

With a handful of bad seasons in a row, there have been rumors of reconstructing the team’s coaching staff. The constant, injuries, scandals, and unrest within the Chicago Bears organization provides an explanation for their poor record. This, however, does not justify it.

Everything that has happened during this season is a part of the football business. Football is a contact sport, there are bound to be injuries. It consists of men fighting each other to be the best and the strongest; therefore, it should not be a shock to the organization if an irresponsible player decides to abuse illegal steroids. There are rumors associated with all football teams and coaching staffs, they do not only affect the Bears.

All in all, there is an explanation for their atrocious record, but there is no excuse.

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