As Prom Approaches, Thespian Society Highlights the Dangers of Drunk Driving

Photo credit: University of West Florida

Photo credit: University of West Florida

Mary Berg, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, April 28, Regina Dominican’s International Thespian Society held an in-school campaign bringing awareness to the dangers of drunk driving. Throughout the day, the members of the society dressed in all black and vowed not to speak.

Society member Kayla Ylagan ’16 says, “The Thespian Society dressed in all black to commemorate people who lost their lives in alcohol-related incidents and spread further awareness towards the consequences of drunk driving, especially the night of prom.”

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and 25% of those crashes are alcohol-related, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. On occasions such as prom, the temptation to drive drunk can be significantly greater than on any normal weekend. As prom is approaching in less than a week on May 6, the thespians of Regina felt the necessity to bring this important issue to light through their impactful social justice campaign.

“By wearing all black and refraining from speaking,” Ylagan continues, “we hope to remind you of the possible void a sudden or ‘freak’ death can cause.”

These deaths are not limited to drunk drivers themselves. Teen alcohol use kills over 4,700 people each year, according to MADD. That includes the deaths of teen drunk drivers, their passengers, the drivers and passengers of vehicles hit, and any killed pedestrians. In this way, drunk driving can cause unimaginable consequences and affect many, many people.

No drunk driver truly recognizes the grave consequences their actions may have. In this way, the Thespian Society tried to demonstrate the potential results of drunk driving before they actually happen. Although most thespians conducted their school day like business as usual, the students of Regina were prompted to think about what a school day would be like with their friend’s absence when they saw them in black or sitting silently in class.

In this way, the thespians very powerfully rose awareness of the potential risks of drunk driving. Though it may not always cross a teenager’s mind, the consequences of drunk driving are serious, and can happen.

“Morbidity aside, accidents do happen more than they should. Although we may not dissuade your actions, we beg you to remember to be safe and mindful on, before, and after prom,” says Ylagan as she addresses her senior classmates.

The Thespian Society did Regina students a great service in bringing light to this relevant issue. We wish all seniors a safe, happy prom, free from the dangers of drunk driving.