Are you a Victim of the Mandela Effect?

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Background information about this claim

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has been discussed for over a decade. The Mandela Effect is when a person vividly remembers an event that either happened differently or never happened at all.

There are many cases of the Mandela Effect in which we, as a community, can agree we remember an event/image/video that happened in a certain way, while in reality, it never happened at all.

The first instance in which the Mandela Effect was brought to light, was when many people thought that Nelson Mandela died in prison, in the 1980’s, when he really did not.

A lot of speculators on the internet is set on the idea that there are alternate realities. A more reasonable explanation behind the Mandela Effect can be explained by the idea of false memories. This is backed by the Reese/Roediger/Mcdermott paradigm, which is a procedure to study false memories.

Head to the Original Source of Information or Who Is Behind the Claim

The American people as a whole are behind this claim. We seem to recall things a certain way, agreeing on events that never really happened.

Try a Keyword Search or What Sources Are Saying

The sources cited ultimately cannot prove anything right or wrong. The Mandela Effect is attributed to false memories and tricks of the human mind.

Spotting Reliable Sources or What’s the Evidence

The evidence that these sources are using includes false images that we think we remember taking place, when truly, it never happened at all.


This phenomenon is a mostly not legit. We cannot ultimately prove what really happened. However, we all can testify that we remember bits and pieces of these truths.