A Reflection On Basketball Season


Photo Credit/ Ellie Rich

Mary Storino, Contributing Staff Writer

Basketball season is one of the highlights of winter at Regina. This year, the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams all had amazing seasons with hard working players. While it’s sad the season is over, we look back to highlight some interesting moments and team successes. 

Below is Kaitlyn Dutkin’s reflection on the varsity team season. 

How would you compare this season to other seasons from previous years?
This season was more competitive, the team has worked really well together especially having freshman on the team and playing with kids that haven’t played together before. 

Were there any specific memorable games for you?
Our second game against Saint Joe’s because we played as a team and ran offense and defense extremely well and worked together as a team to shut down the main players. 

What is your favorite part of being on a team?
Everyone is willing to give it their all. The coaches and players push us in practice and in games to try your hardest no matter what the outcome is. 

What were some weaknesses the team had this year?
Getting used to playing with new people was a challenge. Also learning everyone’s strengths and weaknesses while trying to improve the games based off of what we learned in practice the day before. 

What were the team’s greatest strengths?
Our effort and willingness to work, no matter who they are up against, they always give it their all. 

How do you think playing on a team has affected you and will help you later in life?
Working well with others and being able to communicate what you need to get done as a team and the hard work. Also being able to manage school and sports.

Personally how did your season go?
This season impacted me as a player because going up against players that are much more advanced taught me to be smarter making moves in practice and games. 

What was different from playing at other teams than at Regina?
This team is very close especially with the age difference everyone is very welcoming. It’s like being part of a big dysfunctional family. 

Will you play basketball next year?
Yes definitely.