A Big Welcome to Mr. Sam Stunkel, Regina’s Newest, Multi-talented Teacher!


Photo Credit/ Erin Collins

From South Naperville to North Central College to New Orleans and now to Wilmette, Regina Dominican is excited to welcome Mr. Stunkel, who is not only the physics teacher, but also teaches engineering.

While in the classroom, Stunkel would describe his personality as a blend of passion, a touch of goofiness, but mostly, an honest and authentic guy.  Though teaching comes with many rewarding moments, Mr. Stunkel can surely say that his favorite part about teaching is watching students grow over the course of time that he knows them, whether that be a semester, a year, or even a few years.  From his point of view, it is fun and fascinating watching students learn the subjects that he teaches.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Stunkel enjoys spending time with his, as he describes, beautiful wife and daughter, woodworking, and playing tabletop role playing games.  Just as anyone else nowadays, he also enjoys binge watching tv shows through streaming apps in his spare time.

Aside from teaching, one thing Mr. Stunkel is proud of is his daughter.  He says, “As corny as it sounds, the thing I’m most proud of is my daughter.  She is vibrant and funny, and seeing her makes me happy and hopeful.”

Aww, how cute!