Chief Champions!

Photo Credit/ Vanesa Hoxha

Vanesa Hoxha, Staff Reporter

On February 2, 2020 the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers competed for the title as the LIV Super Bowl champions in Miami, Florida. Nervous fans around the nation watched and waited until the clock struck 5:30 PM CST for kick off.

According to, the 49ers won the coin toss.

The game began with a rough start for the 49ers. Not even 13 minutes into the game, number 13, Riche James Jr., almost started the game off with a fumble. Luckily, the 49ers managed to keep the ball in their possession. As the game went on, the ball moved closer to the end zone for the 49ers. Unfortunately, the 49ers didn’t pull through with the touchdown for their first possession. That being said, the 49ers were able to get the ball in field goal range. Former Chicago Bears kicker, Robbie Gould, managed to secure the first 3 points of the game with a field goal kick.

It was then the Chiefs’ time to shine on the field. The fans could detect that the Chiefs went on the field with a purpose and were scavenging for the win. Only 3 minutes into the first quarter ,Travis Kalce makes an amazing catch down field. Not long after this, Chiefs quarterback (Patrick Mahomes) runs from the 20 yard line and slides into the end zone for the first touchdown of the LIV Super Bowl. This touchdown was followed by a completed kick into the field goal from kicker, Harrison Butker, for an extra point on the score board concluded the 1st quarter of the game.

The 1st quarter ended with the score 7-3, Kansas City Chiefs lead.

The 2nd quarter came quickly with the 49ers ready to go. They were serious and ready to win. Were they too eager though? At the beginning of the 2nd quarter Jimmy Garoppolo stuns the crowd with the first turnover of the game. Number 21, Bashaud Breeland, intercepted Garoppolo’s pass with 14 minutes left of the second quarter. This was not helpful for the 49ers. Not long after this Mahomes throws a 21 yard pass.

As the game went on fans were more anxious. Mahomes performing outstandingly and Garoppolo shining too.

The teams ended the 2nd quarter tied, 10-10.

After the 2nd quarter was over, the players rushed off the field as the entertainment for the half time show got set up. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were this years half time show.

Up first to perform was Shakira. Her performance was outstanding. With her famous hits and shining outfit she really stole the spotlight.

Following Shakira was Jennifer Lopez, which many of you may know her as J.Lo. J.Lo came on stage with a spark. She performed with enthusiasm and got the whole crowd excited to keep watching her.

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Photo Credit/ Vanesa Hoxha

Once the halftime show ended it was time to get back into the zone.

The last two quarters were eventful and moving fast pace. Field goals, touchdowns, pass interferences, and many more kept all the fans on their toes.

‘The end of the 3rd quarter was 20-10.

Forth down was make or break for the teams. The 49ers were securing the lead.

The Chiefs did not give up hope. They pushed through the point deficit and ended up scoring an astonishing 21 points in the 4th quarter!

The last touchdown of the game kept fans, coaches, referees, and players on the edge of their seat. It was a tough call that could make or break the championship title. Chiefs had possession of the ball. With not much time left of the clock Mahomes throws  the ball to number 26, Damien Williams, getting the touchdown that gave them to the lead.

This touchdown had to be looked over many times. Some said the ball cleared the end line while others disagreed.

After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stood… it was a touchdown for the Chiefs!

With both teams performing amazingly, the Kansas City Chiefs ended up defeating the San Francisco 49er with a score of 31-20.

At the end, of course, Patrick Mahomes (Super Bowl MVP) stated, according to, “I’m going to Disney World!”

Photo Credit/ Vanesa Hoxha

Photo Credit/ Vanesa Hoxha