Spotlight: What’s On Your Phone?

English teacher Kathleen Houston shares what’s on her phone.

Number of Contacts: 84

Most-listened to song or album on Spotify: Toss-up between: Under Pressure, Karen O. and Willie Nelson and I Will Survive, Lykke Li

Favorite emojis: Peanuts characters. I can never really find the emojis quickly like all my younger friends and students. Snoopy and Charlie Brown and Lucy are some of the first to pop up nd they are cute, so I use them.

Most-niche app you depend on: Google Classroom for school. Exxon Mobile (love using this app to pay for gas), and right now, unfortunately, CovidActNow to see the latest depressing stats. I also, use the Compass app when I am in the city because I can never figure out what direction I am walking in.

Most-recent Uber Ride: Austin, Texas in the summer of 2019. We used Uber for a ride from the train station to our hotel and then, instead of Uber, it is a rented electric bike to buzz around the city. Side Note: The Austin Public Library is to die for!

Strangest autocorrect: People’s first names-I get such weird interpretations and I have to correct a zillion times. Annoying.

App you wish someone would invent: An app that could grade writing with at least 95% accuracy!

Favorite shopping app: Over the summer, I used Jamba Juice every day to order a Razzmatazz with energy. For the last few months, been using Amazon for stuff and food. I, also, use the Libby app to download library books onto my Kindle

Favorite entertainment apps and shows: Spotify for music. My daughter and I splurged to get a paid account to get rid of the commercials.
Netflix for watching my “go-to” shows. I loved Emily in Paris. Catching up on The Crown, but spend too much time fact-checking what I just watched.  Finished The Fosters, which I really enjoyed. Almost done with The Queen’s Gambit. and watching two foreign series: Rita and Borgen. I also recommend Bonus Family and there was an Italian series about an Italian high school philosophy teacher that was also very good, but I can’t remember the name.

Favorite podcasts: Without a doubt, I love my BBC World Book Club with Harriet Gilbert, Ira Glass and This American Life, Terry Gross’s Fresh Air, and educational podcasts ranging from Yearbook Chat with Jim, Mind the Gutter (podcast on Yearbook advisors), Google Teacher Podcast, House of #Ed Tech and my ultimate favorite, Talk With Teachers with me, Ms. Gianos and Mrs. O’Leary

Craziest place you left your phone: Where haven’t I misplaced my phone! I guess the craziest would be in the front yard under a tree and still not sure how it got there!

Battery percentage at which you feel compelled to charge your phone: When it dies! I like to live on the edge!

Alarm Setting: When I am teaching in the actual school building, I set the alarm at 5:30 or I just let my cat, Lilly, wake me up – she loves to paw at my face at 5:30 am.

Cities in weather app: Wilmette, Beach Haven, NJ, New York, Dublin, Ireland, and Moscow, Russia

Favorite Ring-tone: For texts: “Houston, we have a problem.” For calls: Bruce Springsteen’s, Jersey Girl – the lyrics that say “Tonight I am going to take that ride/Across the river to the Jersey side.” What can I say, I may live in the midwest, but I will always be a Jersey girl!