Crown and Kaleidoscope Looking for Staff

Join our Newspaper and Literary Magazine!

The school newspaper, “Crown,” is the longest-running publication at Regina Dominican High School. For the first time in its history, “Crown” exists as an extra-curricular club rather than a class.

Fortunately, this means that “Crown” once an elective class only juniors and seniors could take is now available for any student or staff member to participate in.

There has been much discussion about journalism in today’s political climate. The art of journalism is based on truth and integrity. Learn how to interview, communicate your ideas through writing. Learn how to hone your ideas and your skills. Best of all – get published –looks great on the college application!

“Crown” is looking for reporters and photographers. If you have an idea for a column or a special interest in sports, podcasts, music, etc, we really, really need you!

We meet every Thursday after school in the Writing Center. Come join us! Email Mrs. Houston with questions.

The school literary and arts magazine, “Kaleidoscope” is a venue for students and staff to showcase their craft in creative writing, photography, and artistic expression.

In the mind-numbing world today, there is a great need for creativity that reflects this world or offers a retreat through poetry, fiction, art, and photography. Meet with other creative students during meetings and express yourself through creative exercises. Help spread the word to students and staff to submit their work for publication. Best of all, get published yourself –looks great on a college application!

“Kaleidoscope” is looking for poets, fiction writers, photographers, and artists. If you like to write poetry, short stories, take photographs or artistically express yourself, we really, really need you!

Meetings take place in Room 200. Come join us. Email Ms. Tully with questions.