Athlete of the Week: 8/24/2020

Jaydi Vasquez

Jaydi Vasquez '21

Jaydi Vasquez ’21

Tennis player Jaydi Vasquez has been named the Athlete of the Week for the week of August 24-29.  Jaydi was nominated by her coach, Calvin Loyd, because of her helpful attitude, her dedication to the sport and her extra hitting at practice.

We caught up to Jaydi for a quick interview.

BM: Congratulations on winning the Athlete of the Week Award for the week of Aug. 24-29.  You were nominated by Coach Loyd for your helpful attitude, her dedication to the sport and hitting extra at practice.  How does it feel to be chosen as athlete of the week?
JV: I’m very grateful and happy to have been chosen as athlete of the week!

BM: What is the best part about being on the tennis team at Regina Dominican?
JV: The best part about being on the tennis team for Regina Dominican is that I get to play with such nice and kind friends as well as learning so much about the sport from Coach Loyd. The practices are always so fun and I would not trade playing tennis at Regina for anything.

BM: Do you prefer singles or doubles?
JV: I actually prefer singles although I am still practicing. I have played doubles before which is so much fun to win a game with your partner and have a bunch of motivation for each other. However, I do prefer playing singles because I love to challenge myself to my highest expectations and use the entire court.

BM: Are you watching the U.S. Open?  Who is your favorite tennis player?
JV: My favorite tennis player is Serena Williams. (note-she won her first U.S. open match Tuesday in straight sets).

BM:  Forehand or backhand?
JV: Definitely forehand

BM: Ok, some rapid fire questions:
JV: Favorite class? Dance
JV: Art or music? Music

JV: Favorite movie? Grease
JV: Favorite Food: Sushi