Regina Dominican Language Department Changes Name


Photo Credit/Regina Trejo

Regina Trejo, Music Editor

Hello! Or should I say Bonjour? Wait, is it Hola? No? Oh…Salve! Whatever the language is that you take here at Regina Dominican, you are being immersed not only into the dialect, but the culture and history of the country!

The Regina Dominican World Language Department, as it is now called, is united with the English Language Learning program (ELL). The objective for the department and ELL is to teach all student how to speak a new language.

Madame Scandale teaches the French classes at Regina Dominican. Across the hall in room 307 is Ms. Kelly Block, the Latin teacher. Down the hall are the Spanish classes, which are taught by Ms. Brianna Cairns, Mrs. Paula Durán and Ms. Olivia Jaime.

The goals of the World Languages Department are aligned with three of the four quadrants on the shield of the Leadership Department. One of these goals is to give every Regina Girl the opportunity to be a global leader. With the skill of knowing and speaking another language, students can connect to people all across the world.

The head of the department, Madame Scandale, says, “we are excited to have a special role in inspiring global leadership.”

The second goal is to give every Regina Girl the opportunity to use compelling communication. By knowing and speaking another language, not only will students be able to connect to people from all areas, they will be able to effectively and passionately express their feelings.

The third goal and quadrant of the shield that is implemented in the World Language Department and English Language Learning program is joyful learning. Through the language classes, students can engage in field trips, hands on projects, and interactive class work.

One feature the Spanish and French classes take advantage of is the Language Lab. Within the Language Lab, there is a new software program that has been installed on the computers called Sanako Study 1200. This enables the students to engage in activities where they listen and speak the language.

If you are a French student or a member of Regina Dominican’s very own French Club, you have the opportunity to, as an upperclassmen, go to Paris over spring break.

Spanish students have been working on videos and comparing different versions of the popular television sitcom, Ugly Betty.

Lastly, the Latin classes have been participating in Certamen competitions (Latin Jeopardy) as the “Latinae Puellae,” which translates to “The Latin Girls.”

The World Language Department and English Language Learning program both have lots to offer to the girls of Regina Dominican in the terms of knowledge, fun, and leadership.

Au revoir! Or maybe I should say adiós? Vale? Whatever language you speak, goodbye!