Larkin McGarr's Social Issue poster.

Social Issue: Zika Virus

Bella D'Agostino, Photography Editor March 22, 2016

The Regina Dominican graphic design classes have been working on social justice issue posters during class. Each visual explains a specific social justice issue and presents the message through art and...

Shaun O'Brien's Social Issue Poster.

Social Issue: Animal Cruelty

Kathryn Cressy, Media and Culture Editor March 14, 2016

The graphic design classes have been busy creating a graphic design poster that reflects merely through images and minimal text a significant social issue. Regina Dominican's Shaun O'Brien '16 tackled...

Caroline Winarczyk's Social Issue poster

Social Issue: GMO

Sam Koutnik, Opinion Editor March 11, 2016

The graphic design course at Regina Dominican, taught by Mrs. Murray, teaches students the basics of graphic design along with its applications. The students work with Apple computers everyday and learn...

Photo Credit/ Tomasa Lane

Social Issue: Coral Reefs

Hannah Wavrek, Sports Editor March 11, 2016

Students in the graphic design art classes have been learning the Adobe suite, which includes Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator software. These are all ways to create art via the computers in Regina...

Grace Tomisiea's Social Issue poster.

Social Issue: Global Warming

Shaun O'Brien March 10, 2016

Regina Dominican's graphic design class was responsible for creating a graphic poster that focused on a major social issue. Grace Tomisiea '18 depicted the sad truth of the effects of global warming on...

Katie Collins' Social Issue poster.

Social Issue: America Needs Young Voters

Regina Trejo, Music Editor March 10, 2016

The Regina Dominican graphic design class has been working on posters expressing an opinion on a social issues facing society today.  With the November 2016 election around the corner, Katie Collins'...

Maddie Bazarek's Social Issue poster.

Social Issue: Healthy Lifestyles

Deanna Stone, Managing Editor March 10, 2016

Maddie Bazarek '16 shared her passion for healthy lifestyles through her social issue project for the Graphic Design course at Regina Dominican. There are many different issues sweeping the nation today...

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