The Lounge

Hailey Hoffman

January 29, 2018

Filed under Kaleidoscope, Poetry

Ding, Ding. 4 minutes to clear the room yet recent interactions did still loom, the lounge in content appeared the same, yet it was evident that seniors swiftly came. The wooden table, sturdy as it lay, was surrounded by chairs, in disarray. Upon the table that did so sit, were Starbucks cu...

Original List Poem

Bella Adams

January 19, 2018

Filed under Kaleidoscope, Poetry

Upon the cold, cluttered countertop, A messy marbled mix of blue, white and grey, Lay a plethora of beauty products Strewn across the vast blue like daisies in a cerulean meadow. The mirror, which hangs proudly above, Reflects the image of perfect chaos. Little gems scatter the stone surface; A...

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