No, The Journal did not Report that Monkeypox Lives on Toilets for 120 years

Photo Credit: Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regnery, CDC

Background information about this claim:

Following the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, a new viral disease called “Monkeypox” became officially declared as an outbreak in May of 2022. Monkeypox is a disease mostly consisting of rashes and scabs, and transferred through intimate contact, direct contact with rashes or body fluids from the person with monkeypox according to the CDC.  The initial cases were found in the United Kingdom. The first case was found on May 6 2022 in a person with links to travel in Nigeria.

Original Source of Information:

In August 2022, a new viral tweet come to light. It showed an article seemingly published from the website, the, an Irish reporting site. The article titled was “Monkeypox can live on door handles and toilet seats for 12o years”. However, this tweet has been proven to show a false article. Created to be satire based on it’s dramatic language and commentary, the original article, posted on July 23rd, was entitled “Monkeypox declared global health emergency by World Health Organization” and the new fake title was edited over it.

What Sources Are Saying:

When looking up the fake article title, there is a from AP news entitled “Fake headline about monkeypox spreads online”. The article quickly debunks the validity of said fake monkeypox news, and includes quotes from said news about their being reason to start panicking. The article also talks about how the article was meant as satire, a parody with a so called “tongue and cheek” nature, but many people, confused by the intense headline and story, took it seriously.

Spotting Reliable Sources:

It can be determine that this was a fake article based on the real image of the original article and also the unreliable source (twitter), and the fact that the article was quickly deleted and disproven. Another way it can be spotted that this is evidence is by the date’s the two articles were posted. The first original one that has been proven to be real was posted late July, and the doctored image posted early August. Clearly, the doctored image come after and because of the original.

Rating Based on Media Wise:

The rating this would receive based on Media Wise would be satire. The fake article was doctored, however it is meant to be a joe using exaggeration and false information on the current event of Monkeypox.