No, Harry Styles Does Not Wear a Wig

Fact-checking journalist disputes the rumor that Harry Styles wears a wig.

Photo Credit/ Photo Credit/Wikimedia Commons

Fact-checking journalist disputes the rumor that Harry Styles wears a wig.


Rumor has it an A-list celebrity with a huge female following wears a toupee.  Who could it be?  Tik Tok user, Abigail Henry was quick to state her belief that the celebrity is in fact, Harry Styles.  In a viral video of hers, with almost one million likes, she explains why this claim of hers could possibly make sense.   The video she posted has taken a huge hold on the internet and has left everyone curious to know if the celebrity is truly Harry Styles.

Head To The Original Source

While scrolling through the popular social media app, Tik Tok, one will see the many opinions on whether or not people believe Harry Styles wears a wig to be true.  Though pictures are shown and beliefs are shared by creators, there is no reasoning behind their claims.  In the original video posted by Abigail Henry, she explains how Harry Styles, himself, once said that disguising himself from fans in public is very easy to do.  She later explains how if he were bald, it would in fact be very easy for him to do.  Though she gives a reasoning as to why she thinks the A-list celebrity is Harry Styles, one cannot assume it to be true.

Try A Keyword Search

To ensure the most accurate results, plug in only necessary, important words related to the subject being studied.  After a quick Google search with the words “Harry Styles wig fact check”, multiple sources popped up regarding the rumor.  One article in specific, shared by, sparked attention to the topic and debunked this rumor.  It started by explaining how the rumor began when someone posted an anonymous submission saying that an A-list celebrity is almost bald and wears a life-like wig everyday.  This celebrity was originally thought to be Machine Gun Kelly, but that claim was later proven false; this is when people started to post alleged claims about Harry Styles being the culprit.  The article later mentions a Tik Tok that was posted by a fan saying how it is easy for Styles to blend in in public- this fan being Abigail Henry as mentioned earlier.  The article states that the rumor was never proven to be true, but since it did spark interest and questions throughout social media, Harry Styles, himself, said that he is not bald in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.  Styles even said, “What is it with baldness? … It skips a generation or something, right? If your grandad’s bald then you’ll be bald? Well, my granddad wasn’t bald, so fingers crossed.”

Spotting Reliable Sources

Though it may be easy to get caught up in the news or an article, be sure to always look for misinformation or disinformation.  Disinformation is false content purposefully posted by someone, while misinformation is misleading, false content usually shared by someone unknowingly.  There are five different types of misinformation: satire, false context, fabricated content, manipulated content, and imposter content.  To avoid any misinformation, there are certain steps that should be taken: look for background information, head to original source, and try a keyword search.


Based on media wise, the video posted on Tik Tok by a Harry Styles fan is mostly not legit.  Though some details may be rooted in truth, such as the fact that it is easy for Styles to disguise himself in public and that an A-list celebrity does wear a toupee, what was said in the video had no given evidence and was mostly false.  The creator of the video was only posting their belief without having any proof to back it up.