Meghan Toomey Is Teacher Extraordinare

Mrs. Toomey is a teacher at Regina Dominican as a Theology teacher. She is also the Director of Mission Integration. These both give her the ability to focus on how people at Regina live out their Dominican charism. The main reasons she chose to work at Regina include its all girls’ community. It is sponsored by religious women, the Adrian Dominican Sisters, and, most importantly, the people at Regina impressed her.

Toomey attended Boston Latin Academy in Boston, Massachusetts for high school, and went to college at the now closed College of New Rochelle. It was an all girls catholic college which she loved. She recieved two masters degrees from Fordham University and Union Theology Seminary. Recently, she has been attending graduate school at Loyola University of Chicago.

Toomey enjoys many hobbies and activities. She likes to do puzzles and read. She does all kinds of arts and crafts and loves to spend time outdoor. She describes herself as an East Coast gal. She describes her personality as fun and very laid back, but she can switch to a serious side when needed.

A few fun facts about her are that she was born ten months after her sister, and she loves to build fairy houses. When she is with her kids, she likes to mispronounce words incorrectly for fun.

She has been married for three and a half years. Her husband who used to be biblical scholar is now an electrician. Together they have a one year old son and she now has two teenage step-children. Toomey says her kids are amazing and they light up her day. Lastly, she has three cats: Dobby and Winky who are siblings, and Sophia.