In A World

In the entertainment world where men dominate the voice-over industry, budding female voice artist Carol Solomon attempts to make her way to voice-over fame in the comedy In a World.

Written, directed, and starring Lake Bell, the critically-acclaimed film depicts an attempt to overcome the culturally-embedded misogyny. The clever movie does this through a wry, humorous lens, giving the film satirical and comedic overtones.

Carol Solomon, the heroine of this film, is the daughter of the renowned voice-over artist Sam Soto. Despite an explicit warning from her father that the voice-over industry does not accept females, Carol records multiple commercial and trailers, and books a voice-over job whenever she can find one.

Her success in voice-over gets noticed and she is considered for an upcoming series of famous movie trailers. However, when her father and her ex-boyfriend (another voice-over artist) hear about the opportunity, they are determined to get the job so they can keep the voice-over industry male-centered.

Carol is victorious and beats out her two competitors for the epic movie series, giving an inspirational voice to young girls everywhere. At the end of the film, Carol finds her niche and successfully starts her own business.

Between the dramatic competition, several subplots in the film give the viewer ample comic relief. Carol comes across as a quirky, anti-social homebody who consistently finds herself in awkward situations. This makes her character relatable and hilarious.

The film has other funny moments, especially through the antics of Carol’s 60 year old father and his relationship with a 30 year-old trophy girlfriend. Carol’s father also has a friendship with Carol’s ex-boyfriend, Gustav. Their antics consistently provide laughs.

Another lighthearted plot follows the relationship between Carol and the crush Louis has on her. Both characters are equally awkward, and when they are together, they are unfailingly entertaining.

In a World is a perfect combination of feminism and comedy. The main character is a woman who triumphs over patriarchal barriers, but does so in a way that is truly funny. The numerous plots and and characters ensure that the audience is consistently engaged, and each stand on its own while simultaneously contributing to the development of the story.

Every aspect of In a World is flawlessly executed and the movie feels very realistic. Altogether, these attributes create an endlessly entertaining movie unique unto itself.