The student news site of Regina Dominican High School


The student news site of Regina Dominican High School


The student news site of Regina Dominican High School


Plaid uniform skirts continue to be the school choice in Catholic schools.

Uniforms Increase A Sense of Community

Jayde Mabin, Staff Reporter December 11, 2022

If you've come from a public school, you know that uniforms at Catholic schools are naturally incorporated into one's daily academic life. From plaid jumpers, to skirts, uniforms eventually become routine...

Students feel formative and summative percentages should be fairer.

Students Still Adapting To Regina’s Grading Policy

Erin Collins, Staff Reporter December 9, 2022

Like many schools around the country, education on the secondary level has shifted into policies that reflect years of best practices research. Last year, Regina implemented new grading practices that...

Is paperless sustainability possible in the secondary classroom?

The Future of Paper in the Classroom:

Mirai Silva, Staff Reporter December 8, 2022

One of today’s most controversial issues is the role of paper in society going forward. As concern about climate change has grown over the past years, many have seen moving away from paper as a way to...

Spreading the Culture Through Reginas D.E.I. Board

Spreading the Culture Through Regina’s D.E.I. Board

Francesca Alferez, Editor December 7, 2022

At Regina Dominican High School, countless smiles have been painting the faces of students. However, it’s not fall fling, or even the student raffle that’s exciting the students. The influx of these...

Reginas Brand-New Club Girls on a Mission Plans to Tackle Turmoil Involving Womens Rights

Regina’s Brand-New Club “Girls on a Mission” Plans to Tackle Turmoil Involving Women’s Rights

Grace Schnier, Staff Reporter December 6, 2022

Girls on a Mission is Regina's new women empowerment club. Founded by junior Reese Bankston, their primary goals circle around helping women in need by organizing drives, fundraisers, petition signings,...

Everything You Need To Know About Reginas Recent Construction

Everything You Need To Know About Regina’s Recent Construction

Sophia Rankin, Staff Reporter December 5, 2022

If you've been around the Regina Dominican halls this year, then you've probably noticed the construction workers outside the now blocked off student entrance. Regina students started hearing the Advancement...

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