Bowling with Heart

Hannah Wavrek, Sports Editor

Bowling is typically the unrecognized winter sport. With basketball always in the gym, they get more publicity. In contrast, bowling goes under the radar, which is a shame because they have a lot to offer.

Captains Kayla Ylagan ’16, Sarah Allworth ’16, and Stephanie Zalinski ’17 are dedicated players who have been playing all their years as Regina students. They are currently leading their team through a rewarding season.

As the 2015-2016 bowling season comes to a close, the captains and the 9 other bowlers are winding down with their practices and tournaments. Currently, they practice after school at The Brunswick Zone bowling lanes in Niles. At practice, they build on existing skills and acquire new techniques, and then they carry these skills into their tournaments.

Tournaments are against surrounding high schools. Each bowler has 2 chances per frame, and there are 10 frames in a game. The number of pins you knock down is compiled into your personal score, and then those are added to the team score.

The most difficult opponents they faced were both Resurrection College Prep High School and Loyola Academy, and the team lost to both. Althought these were tough losses, all of their practice really paid off. This season, the team record was 790 pins knocked down, just 20 shy of a school record!

Captain Kayla Ylagan ’16, said that this was a great feat to accomplish, but not even her favorite part. She says, “My favorite part of being captain is being able to spend time with my teammates, from their antics on the bus to supporting each other in-game.”

This truly shows the heart and camaraderie of every member of the bowling team. Winning is important, but being together and enjoying themselves is a priority for this Regina team.


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