Original List Poem

Bella Adams

Upon the cold, cluttered countertop,

A messy marbled mix of blue, white and grey,

Lay a plethora of beauty products

Strewn across the vast blue like daisies in a cerulean meadow. The mirror, which hangs proudly above, Reflects the image of perfect chaos.

Little gems scatter the stone surface;

A rotund tube of mascara sits proudly on the counter’s edge,

Its silver body glittering under the bulbs.

A pyramidal lipstick sits stoic

As brushes, with their fluffy tips dancing in the breeze,

Roll around it as if mocking its stillness.

An eyelash curler lurks behind the faucet,

The dangerous curves of its metal shape brilliant under the lights. The loose powder of an aubergine eyeshadow flutters

Into the air as a gentle breath caresses it.

Across the marble, a rainbow palette stands

Waiting anxiously for its first night out.

It will sit upon eager eyelids,

The upstairs neighbor to a creamy alabaster:

The eyeshadow primer that awaits it.

Accompanied by a fluid, sable line;

The darkness of creamy black eyeliner borders it,

Drawing eyes away from pimples, toward the ebony. Each gem emerges from a separate package

To dance across the face of the artist.

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Original List Poem